Monday, February 20, 2012

7 Pokemon Games That Should Happen

The Pokemon franchise is the second biggest in the history of gaming, trailing of course only Super Mario. Selling over 200 million unites overall, this is a cash cow that will definitely not go away anytime soon. That being said it still has plenty of potential for growth and even more sales (and awesome games). Being a dreamer forever and always, I have assembled a list of Pokemon games that I would love to see occur in the near/far future. These are games that would benefit us gamers, Pokemon fans, and the 3DS and eventual WiiU. Now, none of these games have been rumored or announced yet, so this is all just wishful thinking.

#7: Pokemon Stadium 3DS
Pokemon Stadium for the N64 was one of my favorite games because you were finally able to truly put your Pokemon to the ultimate test by competing in several tournaments, pitting them in a Gym Leader Castle, and eventually engage in two showdowns against Mewtwo. It was a great game that was also surprisingly lengthy. A sequel can definitely happen on the 3DS as you can transfer data using an SD card and put your Pokemon team from Black, White, Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver to the test. I can see a 3DS version of this boasting dozens of different tournaments, and then crafting some online in which anyone from around the world can join.

#6: Pokemon: Team Rocket Version (For the 3DS)
We always play as the hero in these Pokemon games, without the option of turning evil. Not enough video games out there give you the chance to become a hero. How different would the adventure be if you joined Team Rocket? This game would give you the option as you rise the ranks of the evil organization and wreak havoc throughout the Pokemon world. Personally, I think this would give an awesome twist to the usual formula of collecting and battling Pokemon. Lastly, this could be the Pokemn game with the deepest storyline.

#5: Super Smash Pokemon (For the WiiU)
Picture the craziness, epicness, and fun of Super Smash Brothers, but instead of characters in the Nintendo universe, just feature a bunch of Pokemon. Dozens of them to be exact. In this game, you can pick one Pokemon and take one countless others in different environments in the Pokemon universe. Basically take the best elements of Smash Brothers and apply it to Pokemon. That would be fun. I’d love to fight as Hitmonlee.

#4: Pokemon Pinball 3DS
Of all the Pokemon spin-offs, the Game Boy Color Pokemon Pinball was hands-down one of the best and one of the most underrated. Collecting 150 Pokemon through two different machines in several potential locations within said machine made for great varied gameplay and addicting moments. They should expand the idea here with more machines, more locations, and of course more mini-games and more Pokemon. Addicting as heck, and it wont cost you several quarters every time you play.

#3: Pokemon Puzzle League 2 for WiiU
The original was essentially Tetris Attack with a Pokemon twist. Nothing wrong with that though as it featured hours of addicting gameplay and actually had the authentic pokemon sounds we still don’t hear in the handheld games. But wouldn’t it be awesome to craft a sequel for the WiiU and make it online-friendly? Now you can compete in this puzzler against people around the world and even hold tournaments. Then you can compete for high scores throughout the year for bragging rights. As for the gameplay itself nothing has to change except depending on the Pokemon you choose and its type determines how much damage you can cause to the other side. That would vary the gameplay some more and give you a strategy on which Pokemon to use when puzzling.

#2: Pokemon Snap 2 (For the WiiU)
My favorite Pokemon spin-off, the N64 game was short, extremely easy, and doesn’t offer much outside the 6 levels. That being said, this idea is begging for an expansion. More levels, more environments, more secrets, more Pokemon, more items to use, and then make it online-friendly as you compete for the best pictures. To add to that the tablet controller would be perfect as a substitute of an actual camera. The IPad can be used as a camera, so why can’t the WiiU controller? Of all the great ideas that can rise from that unique upcoming controller, Pokemon Snap 2 rises as among the best.

#1: Pokemon MMORPG for the WiiU and 3DS
I have discussed this time and time again so let me just sum it up in one sentence: the Pokemon world with the scope of Skyrim, the online connectivity of World of Warcraft, and the blending of every Pokemon game that has come out before, remake and spin-offs included. In this massive game you can be good, be evil, you can be a trainer, collector, breeder, Team Rocket member, photographer, Tournament Junkie, Elite Four trainer, Gym Leader, trader, or even surgeon. With an MMORPG, the sky is the limit and if Nintendo really pulled out all the stops, they can make the best RPG of all-time with this idea. Just the potential of competing in tournaments around the world alone would make this worthy of a purchase.


  1. I have all ways said the best game that the best game I could ever play is a pokemon MMORPG. like in WOW you could have different islands and each island could have the perspective pokemon (1st gen pkmn= Kanto., 2nd gen pkmn= Johto eccetra etc.)

  2. I have all ways wanted ther to be an mmorpg style pokemon game i think nintendo would benifit from making 1 like dcu online with the wii u and port to the pc i know myself included that allot of ppl would love this and pay 4 it aswell i wish thst they would as the current 1 are crap and not designed by nintendo

  3. A Pokémon MMORPG would be the best thing ever. It needs to happen. Nintendo is losing more money the longer they wait on this idea.

    I agree with Fury Dragon, that it should be playable on the computer. It would allow more people to play it without having to purchase "the latest and greatest Nintendo gaming console." It would also give the world of Pokémon the ability to constantly grow: think expansion packs, new regions/items/Pokémon, updates, etc.